Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minor disaster strikes

How long has it been? I've already encountered my first set back. I started mixing the red food coloring into the batter (why didn't you just get a red velvet cake? WELL for starters, vanilla tastes better and besides when do I have the opportunity to experiment with food coloring?) and it was a hot pink. So I added more red and it just got hotter and pinker. SOOOO I figured that I have black food coloring as well, might as well add a couple of drops in to darken things up.

Rules learned so far:

1. Do not free pour food coloring
2. Hot pink and black do not equal red

I'm glad I got two boxes of cake mix. I really don't know whether to scrap this batter and make a purple cake to bring to work (tomorrow is take your child to work day) or if I should just go with it.




I think I'm going to make the other box of cake.

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